NEWS / OCTOBER 19th / 2007
IN CONVERSATION: The japanese magazine Someones´s Garden just published a conversation between Kalle Runeson and I, where we are discussing our work and common likes and dislikes. View / download the article here: Are&Kalle.pdf
BERLIN: Jan Rohlf invited Kim Hiorthøy, Helen Cho, Maverick and I to join him in an exhibition called ANTIDROM at General Public. Press release and pix here.
DEATHSTEP/DAUSTEG: Spykidelic & I have been playing records together under this moniker for some time, and decided to record the improvised set we did at the Oslo club Blå for an Acid Grime club night. Deathstep is about racemixing luminaries and misanthropists with nothing but love. Here is the playlist and here is the total recording (79 Mb):

KILLL: We u@kust played at the NuMusic Festival in Stavanger. The Wire magazine were there too and put up this clip on their site.
DESIGN # 1: The need for money combined with good fortune led me to design some printed matter for my favourite record shop in Oslo, Tiger! I made a ticket design with gold foil and a note design with red foil. Check it out here.
DESIGN # 2: I´ve also done some sound design the last couple of years for the same reason, but fun nonetheless. Here´s a little promo page.
NEWS / JUNE 4th / 2007
TOKYO: The newly founded Tokyo magazine Someones´s Garden showed some ION work in their first issue. They are also finishing up an artbook release called Nortbound featuring work from Kim Hiorthøy, the designer collective Grandpeople and some of my ION work. Orders can be made from their website.
OSLO KUNSTFORENING: Jumped in on this group show on a two week notice, which gave me enough time to cut up some old drawings and make one final edit of them. Pix here and here.
SINGLE UNIT: Been doing several one-off Single Unit concerts the last six months, such as Black Box in Oslo (video!), Moderna Museet in Stockholm (video & pic), Borealis Festival in Bergen (video!) and Inkonst in Malmö.
KILLL: We went to Riga, Latvia to play the wonderful Skanu Mezs Festival and here´s a (ultra compressed) video documentation, and some pictures, donated by Arnis Kalnins:
SVERRESBORG: Made this stage design sketch for a closed competition issued by Utsmykkingsfondet and Sverresborg High School. They ended up with another design though, a really nice one.
BORGEN: The hallway outside the studio.
NEWS / NOVEMBER 27th / 2006
V MAG: A short write up on Standard (Oslo) in V Magazine, web version here.
CONCERT: Single Unit concert at 3T release at Black Box, Dec. 15th. Flyer here.
GIFT: A supersoft tune I made on a MIDI guitar:
NEWS / OCTOBER 11th / 2006
ION UPDATE: The group exhibition Elementary Particles (Paperback Edition) is now open at Standard(Oslo), where I´m showing four ION collages.
MUSIKBYRÅN: The Swedish music program Musikbyrån has done a feature on the Norwegian noise rock scene through the examples of Noxagt, Moha!, KILLL, Single Unit and so on. Kjetil Brandsdal, Anders Hana and I were interviewed in Stavanger during the NuMusic Festival in September. It can be seen here.
KILLL: Some snapshots from the four summer festival shows, plus a video clip from the Øya Festival, caught on tape by NRK. We played behind a backdrop, televising the concert on the big screen beside the stage.
Click this: (65 Mb)
NEWS / JULY 8th / 2006
KILLL + SINGLE UNIT: Another upcoming KILLL concert this summer: the Øya Festival in Oslo, 12th of August. This festival features, among many others, Yoko Ono, Noxagt, Enslaved, Toy and the Knife. I will also play a Single Unit concert at Spasibar with Next Life the 9th of August, as part of the warm up night before the festival.

Pic from our Roskilde Festival performance to the left: Martin whips the drums.
FJORDS # 14: Claudia Sandor from the Norwegian magazine Fjords compiled an associative piece called Tesseract for the last issue. She showed some of my ION work as well as works by Carol Bove, Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset and Sofie Berntzen.

The magazine can be purchased at Narvesen (Norway) and larger magazine stores.
NEWS / MAY 23rd / 2006
GIVING PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT: This is the title of a one-nite group exhibition at Glassbox in Paris on May 25th, made up entirely by poster works. It is curated by Hanne Mugaas and Ida Ekblad (click here for statement). These are the artists:
Takeshi Murata | Cory Arcangel | Marius Engh | Fredrik Söderberg | Michael Bell-Smith | Anders Nordby | Paper Rad | Ida Ekblad | Fayçal Baghriche | Jonas Ohlsson | Lars Laumann | Jean-Paul Newman |Lina Viste Groenli | Are Mokkelbost | Daniel Jensen | Matthieu Clainchard
BAD BONN KILBI: KILLL will play at the Kilbi Festival next week, that´s June 2nd. The program is now ready and we are proud to share bill with acts such as Venetian Snares, Animal Collective, Jamie Lidell, Knut and more.
A SUCKER IS BORN EVERY DAY: Friend and colleague Roger Egseth just had a solo exhibition at Visningsrom 21 m2 in Stavanger, Norway. He showed new paintings, drawings, a sculpture, a banner plus the SIGIL film from 2004 where I made the soundtrack. More about the film in the Other Music section, pix from Roger´s show below. If you like his work you could let him know.
ARM: Some pix from the ARM concert we did at the Torpedo book shop in January. Thanks to Stig Andersen for sending us his pictures!
NEWS / MARCH 1st / 2006
POSTCARD FROM CHICAGO: Played at Hive Days in Chicago on March 11th with Single Unit. A thunderstorm raged outside at the same time as I was raging inside, sort of like this.
ROSKILDE FESTIVAL AND MORE: KILLL is confirmed for this year´s Roskilde Festival in Denmark! Loads of bands play this huge festival, check out which ones here. We will also play at the Kilbi Festival in Düdingen, Switzerland on June 2nd, and at the Safe As Milk Festival in Haugesund, Norway, on the 29th of August.
NEWS / FEBRUARY 21st / 2006
DOUBLE RELEASE: Today Next Life are releasing their debut album Electric Violence on Cock Rock Disco as well as launching their new website, I designed the website with Hai since I did the CD cover and also because I worship their music. MP3s, video, reviews and other goodies in the dungeon.
NEWS / FEBRUARY 12th / 2006
WORKSHOP: Last week I did a sound workshop at the Einar Granum Art School in Oslo. The students were introduced to basic sound editing and had to make a five minute composition with a set of rules, as well as to listen to records and take part in discussion. They rocked! With limited or no prior experience they came up with the tracks below.
01. SHAUN (picture) 02. KRISTIN 03. DANIEL
NEWS / JANUARY 25th / 2006
ARM CONCERT: ARM will rattle its old bones at the Torpdeo Book shop in Oslo, Hausmannsgate 42, at 20.00 on Friday, Jan. 27th. Click logo for flyer. It´s free!
SINGLE UNIT CONCERTS: Next concert is a festival in Chicago called Hive Days, which is from March the 10th to the 12th. Other acts are Aa, Forbes Graham, Chris Corsano & Spencer Yeh, Seductive Springs from Zs, plus plus.
ZILINA: Here´s a clip from the last concert in Slovakia, held in a loft space above Stanica:
NEWS / DECEMBER 30th / 2005
KILLL DOCUMENTATION: Some glimpses of the KILLL tour we did in September:
12.3 Mb 6.9 Mb 10.6 Mb
SONIC NORTH: OCA released their fourth issue of Verksted this month, and this one was called Sonic North.
It is a 100 page booklet "dedicated to what is a prolific field in Norway: experimental music, sound and noise. Sonic North comprises commissioned texts by Sindre Andersen, Are Mokkelbost, Anne Hilde Neset, as well as interviews with Maja Ratkje and Hilde Sofie Tafjord of Fe-mail, Lasse Marhaug and Rune Kristoffersen of Rune Grammofon."
It can be ordered here:
NEWS / NOVEMBER 23rd / 2005
STANDARD (OSLO): I´m happy to announce that I´m now represented by Standard (Oslo).
Standard is represented at the NADA Art Fair 2005 in Miami, December 1-4.
First scheduled show is in October 2006 along with Oscar Tuazon: The Elementary Particles (Paperback Edition).
DISTRO: The new art book store Torpedo in Oslo have my posters in stock and are taking orders either from their soon-to-come webshop or by mail.
SINGLE UNIT: Single Unit will play at the Next Music Festival in Bratislava, Slovakia, December 3, then the next day in Zilina at Stanica. Other acts are among others Pansonic, DJ Still, Spunk, General Magic and Pink Big Pig.
ION STUDIO: Below are some studio shots from the last months of ION collaging.
PICTURE DISC: The With Us Against Reality or Against Us LP, which was planned to be released on the opening of the exhibition by the same name (see info further below), is delayed. Damn it. But it will happen I am told.
In the meantime you can listen to a track from the LP, where a found recording by Brian Belott is sandwhiched with an old one-take keyboard improv I did five years ago. It is a scary match...
Click this:
NEWS / OCTOBER 26th / 2005
SINGLE UNIT: Played at Trondheim Matchmaking 2005 along with Ryfylke, HOH, Sun State, Øyvind Brantsegg and MNH/Skagen. Someone had wrecked my synth, the ax died, the lamps started smelling burnt and three strings broke; basically a night in the name of improv.
KILLL: Well, we´ve changed our name from KILL to KILLL. KILL are from Gothenburgh, Sweden and play black metal while KILLL are from Oslo, Norway and... don´t play black metal.
Pitchfork Media has written some kind words about KILLLs performance at the Øya Festival, plus taken an outsiders look at the Norwegian music scene in general. Read it here.
NEWS / SEPTEMBER 29th / 2005
KILL PRESS: Some press clippings from the KILL Norway Tour, all in Norwegian:
TWO SINGLE UNIT CONCERTS: 1st: Joe Grillo from Dear Raindrop joining in on the With Us Against Reality opening party. 2nd: The Latvians get it at the Lydskog Festival in Riga.
NEWS / AUGUST 11th / 2005
KILL TOUR: Just finished the tour poster for the upcoming KILL Norway Tour. It is from a new chain of works in the Origin series. Click image for full view.

These are the confirmed dates:

21.09 Oslo, Blå
22.09 Bergen, Kvarteret
23.09 Stavanger, Folken
28.09 Trondheim, Blæst
29.09 Bodø, Turisthytta
30.09 Tromsø, Kulturhuset
KILL also performs at the Øya Festival in Oslo this coming Saturday, the 13th of August, at John Dee, 23.30.
EXHIBITION: Compiled a picture disc LP for Anders & Ida for the large scale exhibition they are curating called With Us Against Reality, Or Against Us. It will open the 26th of August in Oslo. More info here. Design by Anders Nordby and Ida Eckblad.
The LP features many of the exhibiting artists, such as Dear Raindrop, Paperrad, Brian Belott, Kallioinen, Chris Johanson, Cory Arcangel, Jim Drain and more, in addition to local acts such as Out Of Light, Single Unit and Nils Bech. It will be released on the opening with the catalogue. Single Unit and Dear Raindrop will play live at Spasibar the same nite.
CONCERT: Single Unit will play at the Lydskog Festival in Riga, Latvia, the 9th of September.
SINGLE UNIT VIDEO: Uploaded the J.O.Y. video by Rune Andreassen in the Single Unit section, look for it at the bottom of the page. He made it with a cordless mini-camera and and a couple of toy cars.
NOISE DVD: This DVD was released recently and presents interviews with several noise musicians, mostly from Norway and Japan. Tom Hovinbøle conducted most of these interviews around 2000, such as Masami Akita, Otomo Yoshihide, Toshimaru Nakamura, Maja Ratkje, Lasse Marhaug, Helge Sten, Francisco Lopez as well as Arne Borgan and I as ARM representatives. It can be ordered here.
NEWS / JUNE 10th / 2005
NEXTLIFE COVER: Here is the Next Life cover I just did. Electric Violence will be out on Cock Rock Disco some time in the Fall or Winter, but here´s a sneak preview, The Mirror:
SUNNO))): More SUNNO))) pix added from the Inferno gig. Thanks to Svein Strømmen for sharing his photos.
NEWS / MAY 30th / 2005

INTERVIEW: Interview and display of work in the Swedish interview magazine Tidningen SEX, no. 7.
ARM FEATURE: The Norwegian ODD Magazine did a feature on the ARM covers.
SU CONCERT: Single Unit warmed up for the Shining the 27th of May at Garage, Oslo.
KILL CONCERT: KILL warmed up for Cloroform at Rockefeller in Oslo, on the 21st.
NEWS / MAY 18th / 2005
AWARD: The NESTEN! book won gold in the open category of the "Most beautiful books of the year" award, handed out annually by Grafill. The cover shows drawings from the Origin Series.
UPDATE: Added some old guitar doodles in the Other Music section.
NEWS / APRIL 17th / 2005
Made a few small changes to the site and added a GET! section where you can find out where to find products such as records and posters.
Another article on KILL in German here.
NEWS / MARCH 29th / 2005
The website is finished! Please let me know if you find any bugs or weird workings. Enjoy!
EXTENDED STAGE: Kyrre Karlsen, Kalle Runeson and myself had the pleasure to contribute to SUNNO)))´s concert at the Inferno Festival in Oslo the 26th of March by doing customized light and smoke. The usual line-up of Stephen O´Malley and Greg Anderson was extended with John Wiese, Attilah and our own Lasse Marhaug. Click here for more pictures.
BERLIN: Played the Transmediale Festival in Berlin last month with both Single Unit and KILL, as part of a nine day festival of experimental musics. Here is a review for those who can read German. Below: Single Unit playing the floor and Espen from KILL growling.
ART BOOK: In December 2004 Aschehoug Forlag released the art and text anthology Nesten!, featuring some 34 artists and writers spread over 400 pages. My contribution was a fold-out poster and cover, with drawings from the Origin series. Read more about it and/or get the book here.
VARIOUS KILL NEWS: KILL will perform at Rockefeller in Oslo the 21st of May, warming up for Cloroform.
Later this summer we will play another concert in Oslo; at ØyaFestivalen, (10th - 13th of August). The concert will be at John Dee.
Also, a Norway tour has just been confirmed for the second half of September this year, initiated by Rikskonsertene and Riksutstillinger.
I have joined forces with light-designer Kyrre Heldal Karlsen, who has done stunning work for The Shining, Jaga Jazzist and National Bank among others. Together we will design an extensive stage set, visuals and lightning for the tour.
KILL will also play in London at the Notting Hill Arts Club in late October. More to follow...
BZZZ: Single Unit and KILL got a short but generous write up in the first issue of the Scandinavian version of Vice, check it if you´re the gossip type.

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